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SpeedFerries operated a ferry service between England and France, linking the ports of Dover and Boulogne. SpeedFerries went into administration on the 12th November 2008, and regrettably was closed down on the 25th of November 2009.

With ferrysavers.com you can book a cheap ferry between Dover and Boulogne with LD Lines, or Norfolkline, P&O Ferries and Seafrance all operate alternative ferry routes from Dover. For alternative bargain ferries between England and France use the real-time comparison engine above, where you can compare ferries by route, time and operator in order to find the perfect ferry deal for your journey.

SpeedFerries was the first `low-cost' ferry operator on the Dover to Boulogne route, and offered the fastest way to cross the channel,; just 50 minutes on their high-speed catamaran SpeedOne. SpeedFerries offered an exlusively car-ferry service, with no freight or foot passengers. Despite considerable competition, SpeedFerries offered an award-winning, year-round service. Onboard there was a relaxing café and bar, and also a shop, lounges and children's areas, as well as views of the White Cliffs of Dover and the Côte D'Opale from the sundeck.

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