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Rethymno is an ancient city in Crete that is the capital of the Rethymno prefecture, and home to a busy ferry port. Rethymno is an attractive city which is well-regarded for its preserved Venetian architecture and the charm that goes with its history.

Rethymno has an old aristocratic appearance, with buildings dating from the 16th century, as well as Byzantine and Hellenic-Roman remains. The small Venetian harbour and narrow streets add to the atmosphere and are populated by places to eat and drink, and the large municipal gardens are ideal for those in search of shade and tranquillity. Meanwhile to the east stretches one of Crete's longest beaches, all 13km of it. Rethymno also has a beautiful Venetian castle ("Fortetza"), which is the one of the biggest and most impressive standing castles in Crete. Other monuments include the Great Gate, the Neratze mosque, and the Venetian Loggia.

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Anek Lines

Limani Rethymnou, 74100, Greece.

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