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The best unsung beach holiday resorts in Europe: the island of Marettimo, an island off the coast of Sicily! Marettimo lies within a marine nature reserve, and is a popular destination for walkers, divers, swimmers and those wanting a tranquil holiday close to nature and the basics of island living. Marettimo is the second largest of the Aegadian Islands. Marettimo is a very popular destination for diving holidays. There are quite a few dive centres on the island which organize diving courses and excursions for everyone.

By night, you will witness some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe. Make sure you get a good vantage point, preferably in a beach side restaurant, facing the West.

Marettimo port facilities

As the port is so small there are no real facilities. However, there doesn't need to be because there are restaurants, rooms and cafes that can cater to your needs as you wait for your ferry. They are all situated nearby.

Getting to Marettimo port

Marettimo is the most westerly of the Egadi Islands, and the furthest from Sicily. Trapani in 'mainland' Sicily is the only port with direct ferries to Marettimo, though from other places (such as Marsala, Ustica and Naples) you can change ferries on Favignana or Levanzo. Marettimo is around 40 minutes by hydrofoil from Favignana, and an hour from Trapani. On the island, hydrofoils stop at a long jetty leading into the heart of the island's one town. You can buy Siremar ferry tickets at the ferrysavers website.

Ferry routes to Marettimo

Sorry, we don't have any sailing information or timetables at the moment. This might be because this route is seasonal or we don't sell it at the moment. For a wide range of alternatives, see our ferry routes page.

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4 Via Scalo Nuovo, TP 91023, Italy.

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