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UseFerrysavers to book your ferry to Italy, Croatia and Albania with Azzurra Line. They offer ferry routes to Bari, ferry routes to Durres and also ferries to Dubrovnik. All their routes provide instant email ticketing.

With Ferrysavers you can securely book Azzurra Line ferries by specific route, or compare the cheapest prices by operator, route and time using our real-time comparison engine above. This page can help you find information on Azzurra Line ferry crossings, including the latest destinations and cheapest fares.

  • Azzurra Line operate ferries between Bari (Italy) and Dubrovnik (Croatia), with up to 3 crossings a week during the summer
  • Azzurra offer ferries between Bar or Kotor in Montenegro and Bari, with 1 crossing a week for each during the summer
  • And also ferries between Bari and Durres (in Albania), with up to 1 crossing per week in the summer

Azzura Line Ferries

Azzurra Line is a Maltese ferry company that links the Puglia region of Italy, specifically the port of Bari, with the Balkan states across the Adriatic Sea with services to Dubrovnik, Kotor and Durres, linking Italy, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro. The company was founded in 2001, and remains a family business today transporting over 50,000 passengers a year.

Azzurra aims for a mini-cruise atmosphere on its ferry, the Azzurra, which has onboard an Italian self-service restaurant specialising in low-priced, tasty Italian cuisine, a large indoor bar with over 200 seats as well as other lounges, gambling machines, duty-free shopping, sun-loungers and even an outdoor bar to enjoy a drink in the sun within.

Azzurra Line ferry routes

Sorry, we don't have any sailing information or timetables at the moment. This might be because this route is seasonal or we don't sell it at the moment. For a wide range of alternatives, see our ferry routes page.

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