You can use Ferrysavers to book an A''Line ferry around the Japanese islands. All A''Line ferries are equipped with modern facilities and stylish interiors.

You can book ferries to Motobu, Naze, Wadomari, Yoron and more with A''Line Ferries.

Onboard A''Line ferries

A''Line owns two vessels, the Queen Coral PLUS (Pleasant, Luxury and Utility Ship) and the Queen Coral 8. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful views to the Pacific Ocean and some small Japanese islands.

Each ship has got a good canteen style self-service restaurant, a shop and a variety of vending machines on all boats, but the prices are marked up considerably, so those on a tight budget might consider buying food and drinks outside before boarding.

On most long-distance ferries, passengers have the choice between three classes, 2nd class, 1st class and special class:

  • The cheapest option is the 2nd class accommodation without bed
  • The 2nd class accommodation with bed as a rule 20%-40% more expensive than 2nd class w/o bed
  • the 1st class accommodation type - twice the cost of 2nd class w/o bed
  • Special class - typically 2.5 to three times the cost of 2nd class w/o bed.

A Line ferries ferry routes

Sorry, we don't have any sailing information or timetables at the moment. This might be because this route is seasonal or we don't sell it at the moment. For a wide range of alternatives, see our ferry routes page.

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