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DFDS Seaways freight routes:

Freight ferries to France
Dover (UK) - Calais (FR)
Dover (UK) - Dunkerque (FR)

North Sea Routes
Rosyth (UK) - Zeebrugge (BE)
Immingham (UK) - Rotterdam (NL)
Felixstowe (UK)- Rotterdam (NL)
Newcastle (UK) to Ijmuiden (NL)
Immingham (UK) - Cuxhaven (DE)
Immingham (UK) - Gothenburg (SE)
Tilbury (UK) - Gothenburg (SE)
Immingham (UK) - Brevik (NO)
Immingham (UK) - Esbjerg (DK)
Harwich (UK) - Esbjerg (DK)
Copenhagen (DK) - Oslo (NO)

DFDS Seaways is one of the largest shipping companies in Europe covering a vast network of routes. With more than 530 weekly departures, DFDS transports 1,500,000 freight units every year.

DFDS Seaways Freight - Driver Information:

Whichever route taken, freight driver facilities on board are of a very high standard. On the shorter crossings drivers facilities include discounted meals and free hot drinks in the freight drivers restaurant, and also free showers. For the longer crossings your ticket inlcudes a berth in an en-suite cabin (wherever possible single occupancy) and breakfast and dinner. There are also lounges, shops, bars and cafes.

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